=> About WHS.info

World Heritage Site Info (www.worldheritagesite.info) is a non-profit website set up and managed by a group of world heritage site enthusiasts.

A lot of informative materials about world heritage sites are available from online resources, but they are scattered all over the place in the cyberspace and difficult for us to gather and read them with comfort under one roof portal.

The objectives of worldheritagesite.info are

  1. To serve as an unofficial centralized informative center for world heritage sites. (WHS)
  2. To provide updated status and happenings for WHS.
  3. To serve as an interactive media depository for WHS enthusiasts to submit ideas, photos, videos and others.
  4. To provide virtual tours to WHS for those have no opportunity and resources to visit these natural and man-made wonders.

Written by on September 25, 2009.