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Building on Shaolin site

AN abbot from the Shaolin Temple, a UNESCO World Heritage Site located in Dengfeng, Henan Province, said yesterday that his temple has nothing to do with the buildings being constructed outside the temple and emphasized that any new construction nearby should be harmonious with Shaolin culture and architectural style.

“The area around Shaolin Temple is also part of the protected heritage site. We don’t want to see new buildings ruin the overall environment of the Shaolin Temple,” said Abbot Shi Yongxin.

Local media reported recently that temporary facilities were set up outside the temple and a construction site was established only 200 meters from the temple.

Shi said the Shaolin Temple was not responsible for the construction of those buildings. “If new buildings around the Shaolin Temple were really needed, they must be approved by the authorities and built according to law so as to ensure that they are harmonious with Shaolin culture and Shaolin architectural style.”

The building in question is a canteen for the Shaolin Temple Scenic Spot Administration Bureau. The construction has been suspended pending government approval, said a spokesman for the bureau.

Other illegal facilities would be torn down, he added.

“No unapproved buildings shall be allowed in the vicinity of the Shaolin Temple,” said Guo Lei, head of the heritage preservation bureau of Zhengzhou City, capital of Henan Province, which administers the Shaolin Temple scenic spot.

Source:Shanghai Daily

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