Melaka Museum Tip :: Cheng Ho Cultural Museum

Cheog Ho Cultural Museum

Address: 51, Lorong Hang Jebat, 75200 Melaka Malaysia.

Opening Hours: 9AM to 6 PM daily.

Entrance Fee: RM10 for adult, RM5 for children

This museum is a private funded project (the museum is not in the roadmap published by the state government, that it is a shame!) on the site which is believed to be ancient location of Guang Chang (godown) for Cheng Ho marine fleet. There are thirteen galleries for different themes, but the main attraction is of course Cheng Ho’s galleries. Besides the static exhibits, there are audiovisual and puppet introduction shows on Cheng Ho.

Gallery G2 features a life-sized wax tableau commemorating Parameswara’s visit in 1411 to the Ming Court, where he was formally recognized by China as the King of Melaka. A Sumatran prince-in-exile, Parameswara sought refuge from his enemies in a sleepy fishing village on the western coast of the Malay Peninsula in the late 1390s and transformed it into the great Kingdom of Melaka.

In gallery G4, the models of Cheng Ho fleet are displayed. According to documented text, his voyage fleet is consisted of 300 treasure ships and 20,000 sailors which is huge even for the today’s standard.

Other exhibits include maps, paintings, chinaware, maritime artefacts from the Ming and Qing era, and dioramas offering a vivid glimpse of life amongst the Chinese community in Melaka after Zheng He’s arrival.

Key Tips

Because this enigmatic, larger-than-life man gave rise to this fascinating town, it affords a perfect way to gain a better understanding of Melaka, and to get a clearer glimpse of its rich history. A museum not to be missed!

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