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China Danxia – A Place Worth Checking Out

China Danxia (or the Danxia landform of China) has been declared as a World Heritage and was subsequently entered into the World Heritage List last August 2010.

The Danxia landform is amazing because it features steep cliffs formed by red sandstone. As with most of the world’s wonderful attractions, the beauty of this world heritage lies on physics’ man-free influence. Endogenous and exogenous forces worked together to create this natural beauty.

The China Danxia includes six geologically and geographically related areas:Mount Langshan and Mount Wanfoshan in Hunan, Mount Daxia in Guangdong, Taining and Mount Guanzhou in Fujian, Mount Longhu and Guifeng in Jiangxi, Mount Chishui in Guizhon, Fangyan and Mount Jianglang in Zhejiang.

Though the China Danxia is not really that famous right now, it certainly will be known to more people now that it has been categorized as one of the everlasting land formations that makes the world a truly beautiful place.

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