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City of star-crossed lovers

Swapnil Gunjal, Hindustan Times

Verona is not as famous as other Italian towns like Rome, Florence or Venice. But this town is the site of the most famous love story of all time. William Shakespeare immortalised the town in his famous novel, Romeo Montecchi e Giulietta Capuleti, better known as Romeo and Juliet.

While in Verona, you will be surprised to see that Casa de Giulietta or
Juliet’s house is an actual house, with an actual balcony, just like you imagined while reading the play. Ivy sprouts off the neighbouring walls and the balcony is the perfect height for any Romeo to try and romance a Juliet.

Despite the debate as to whether the characters actually existed, tourists continue to flock to the famous balcony, and participate in the strange tradition of rubbing the right breast of the bronze statue of Juliet for good luck.

Verona is located in the Veneto region of north-eastern Italy. The city was originally a Roman settlement. Today, it is the largest city in the region, and a major agricultural and industrial centre.

Verona is known as Piccolo Roma, which means little Rome. It sits on the foothills of the Alps and at the mouth of the Adige valley. It hosts the summer opera festival every year (from July to August) in the Roman Arena.

The Arena or the Roman Amphitheatre is the city’s most famous landmark. It is the third largest in Italy, after Rome’s Colosseum and the Arena at Capua, and can seat around 22,000 people.

Among the many historical buildings in this town is the Castelvecchio, or the old castle, which was built in the 14th Century and contains a fine art gallery. Constructed entirely of stone and featuring a massive clock, this castle houses a museum where you can find all sorts of artifacts.

Verona has lots to offer to tourists: it has Romanesque basilicas, gates (Porta dei Leoni) and bridges (Ponte Lapideo and Ponte Scaligero), which give you a beautiful view of the town.

Verona has been named a UNESCO World Heritage Site thanks to its historical buildings and its rich artistic and cultural heritage.

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