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Discovery 3D Channel Shoots on Huangshan Mountain

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From Oct 24 to 30, the Discovery 3D Channel shooting crew of Wonderland China went to the Huangshan Mountain scenic area for a new episode on the natural scenery of Huangshan Mountain.

The new episode was co-sponsored by the State Council Information Office of The People’s Republic of China, the American Discovery 3D Channel, and Natural History New Zealand, Ltd. The ten-person shooting group went to Anhui province mainly for the unique natural scenery of Huangshan Mountain.

Michael Single, director of the episode, and other staff members were shocked and amazed at their first trip to Huangshan Mountain for its breathtaking views. They said the word “beautiful” many times to express their feelings at seeing the dazzling beauty of the mountain. When they reached the Xihai (West Sea) Grand Canyon, one of the most gorgeous and dangerous scenic spots of the Huangshan Mountains, and saw the spectacular views there, they even made extravagant gestures while standing on top of the mountain.

During the four-day shoot, the crew went to several peaks, including Shixin Peak, the Lion Peak, and the West Sea Grand Canyon, trying their best to present a multidimensional, detailed Huangshan Mountain for their audience.

Wonderland China is the first 3D TV series recorded in China by the American Discovery Media Group. The series is also among the first TV programs to be broadcast worldwide on the first 3D channel in the world, which may help foster a better understanding of Huangshan Mountain’s abundant tourism resources among foreign tourists. The program will provide a promotion platform for the Huangshan Mountain scenic area to expand its American tourism markets.

Wonderland China includes ten 60-minute episodes, among which the view of Huangshan Mountain accounts for 45 minutes. The program is scheduled to be released on the Discovery 3D Channel in America in January, 2011.

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