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East Rennell chiefs will revive Council

INITIAL discussions to have the East Rennell Council of chiefs function again had began at Kiakoe lodge, East Rennell last week.

The three-day meeting was attended by 15 chiefs and representatives of various tribes in the area.

The tribal chiefs and representatives include, Fred Temoa, Reuben Teho, Martin Tamusi, Daniel Kaitu’u, George Tauika, Simeon Moana, Robert Temega, John Teika, William Kauga, Gordon Tahua, Jeffrey Saopogo, George Taigoa, Chrisstian Taumata, Lence Tago and Newman Tegheta as Chairman.

In his opening remarks, Provincial member for ward 2 Lence Tago emphasised the need to have the council up and running to enable activities planned for the area implemented, more so the support from the chiefs towards the World Heritage programme.

He said the council of chiefs for East Rennell has not been working for a long time and there’s now need to have it working again.

Discussions were on the need to have the council function and their role to sort out tribal land allocations, the structure of the council and the need to set up subcommittees.

The other issue which took chiefs a lot of discussions was the way forward in developing East Rennell.

Chief Tegheta informed the council meeting that despite Lake Tegano being listed as a world heritage site, no physical benefit had reached the people in terms of income generating activities.

He said that because of this, the council must find ways to attract investors to invest in the area and with the support of the chiefs in sorting out land boundaries, this can contribute.

They’ve suggested that one way is to have tribal lands registered but the chiefs were up against funds to have the lands registered.

The chiefs have agreed that to sort this out, they recommended that the World Heritage program financially assist tribes who wish to register their land.

The chiefs at that meeting resolved that the Council of Chiefs support the establishment of the Lake Tegano World Heritage Association and its constitution, support the World Heritage Committee executive and support the World Heritage Ordinance with the need to have it implemented as soon as possible.

The chiefs also support the partnership between Live and Learn Environment Education and Lake Tegano World Heritage Site program until such time the association is able to manage its own affairs.

The East Rennell Council of Chiefs also resolved that the World Heritage program financially assist landowners wishing to register their lands, that Live and Learn provide funding for two official council meetings per year for extraordinary meetings that may be organised by the Chairman.

They’ve also recommended that four members of the council be members of the World Heritage Committee and be able to attend the committee’s meetings.

The Council of Chiefs also recommended that a delegation from the council, led by the local coordinator, visit other world heritage sites in Australia, New Zealand and Samoa.

The need to record genealogies and the revival of their culture was also discussed at the meeting and recommend that the World Heritage program assist them in reviving their culture.

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