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Elephants win world’s biggest water fight during Songkran festival

Elephants made a bit of a splash as they soaked crowds with their trunks in Thailand to mark the Songkran water festival.

Elephants made a splash as they sprayed tourists and locals to mark the Songkran water festival in Thailand

In Ayutthaya province, 50 miles north of Bangkok, the animals filled their trunks to drench tourists and locals who were celebrating on the streets.

The natural water cannons on legs were decorated with paint as they took part in the festival to mark the traditional Thai new year.

The water fight proved more fun for elephants as they used their trunks to drench the crowds

The festival is one of the country’s most celebrated annual events and comes from an ancient custom to help guarantee enough water for the new season’s crops.

Traditionally young people would pour scented water over their elders’ hands as a mark of respect, but nowadays the streets are usually full of people armed with water pistols as the day is celebrated with a massive water fight.

The celebrations took place throughout the country and included parades, beauty contests and a number of Buddhist ceremonies and rituals.

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Category: News @ Ayutthaya