Gallery: Baba Nyonya life and food in Penang

The culture and cuisine of the Baba Nyonya people can still be seen and experienced in certain places in Penang

By Derrick Chang

The Baba Nyonya people, also known as Peranakan or Straits Chinese, are mainly of Chinese descent, originally from Fujian Province in Southeastern China.

They settled along the coast of Malaysia mainly in Penang and Melaka as well as parts of Thailand, Singapore and Indonesia.

Penang has a long and proud Baba Nyonya heritage, which has integrated their Fujian background while adopting many aspects of local culture.
Not forgetting the food

Due to its close proximity to Thailand, Penang’s Baba Nyonya cuisine has been influenced by Thai cuisine as well as local Malay and Fujian ingredients and cooking methods.

Nyonya food is painstakingly prepared by the females in the family and they take great care in grinding their ingredients to make wonderful pastes and sauces. The resulting dishes have a delightful depth with strong flavors and aromas.

The best place to experience the traditional Baba Nyonya life is a visit to the Peranakan Museum on Church Street. To taste Penang’s finest Baba Nyonya food head to Dragon King Restaurant on 44 Nagore Road.

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