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Historic Center of Macau :: Cathedral

The original cathedral was established in 1622. The church was built of taipo material but was seriously damaged by a typhoon in 1835. It was then rebuilt a couple of times between 1844 and 1850 and several renovations were carried out afterwards. In the past, as well as being used for its religious function, the Cathedral was visited by every new governor who came to place his sceptre, the symbol of authority, next to the statue of the Virgin Mary.

Architectural Design

The facade of the building is built of granite with the Latin text “SS. M. V. MARIAE NASCENI” (Dedicated to the Birth of the Virgin Mary) carved onto it. It is divided into three parts by columns and topped with a pediment with a square belfry on either side of the building. An ornamental cornice runs along the perimeter of the facade. Sculptural festoons hang in between the ionic pilasters on the second level, adding architectural detailing to the entrance portal.

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Category: Heritage @ Macau