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Historic Center of Macau :: Dom Pedro V Theatre

Dom Pedro V Theater built in 1860, is located on St. Augustine’s Square. The style is neo-classical in essence. The floor plan of the theater has a lobby area, a small ballroom and a circular auditorium with a stage and long corridors on both sides. There is a flight of stairs leading from the side corridors to the first floor where ten pillars in the auditorium area support a crescent-shaped balcony.

The main facade of the theater is 15 metres high and is topped by a triangular pediment with three arched openings, supported by four sets of Ionic pilasters. The arches of the main facade are 6 metres high and 3 metres wide. The pediment and 8 pilasters of the main facade are simply decorated. The building is painted pale green, with matching dark green doors, windows and red roof tiles.

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Category: Heritage @ Macau