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Historic Center of Macau :: Sir Robert Ho Tung Library

This classified building contains a collection of classic and antiquarian books. It is a fine example of a luxury townhouse with gardens and arcades. Sir Robert Ho Tung purchased it for HKD $l6,000 in 1918. Before his death in 1955, he willed his former residence to the government of Macao to be developed as a public library, together with a donation of HKD $25,000 for the purchase of books for the library.

This is the only garden library in the regions of Macao and Hong Kong, with many rare collections and volumes, such as the Jie Ye Tong collection, early religious books, early Chinese-Portuguese and Chinese-English dictionaries, antiquarian books and hand-bound editions.

Architectural Design

This beautiful garden library is a neo-classic building of the l920s. The three-storey building is a typical Macanese mansion; it has an arcade facade decorated with pilasters and ionic capitals, highlighted in white stucco against yellow plastered walls. Mouldings run along the width of the facade, further accentuating the elevations.

Reflecting similar architectural treatment of the mansion, the main entrance is also characterized with an arcade fence wall decorated on top with glazed balusters in velvet blue colour that contrast the yellow rendered walls. The interior of the building also incorporates traditional Chinese influences and the garden landscape layout is of Western design with several rare botanical specimens.

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