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Historical Si Satchanalai park of Thailand

By Syed Wajeeh -ul- Hassan Naqvi

Many of us might have enjoyed eating the delicious Thai food, but few of us know about the culture and history of Thailand. Thailand is known for its rich cultural history. Travelers from around the world visit Thailand to see these eye-catching cultural and
historical sites of Thailand. One of the most famous landmarks of Thailand is its historical Si Satchanalai Park.

Located beside the Yom River and 60kms north of Sukothai province, Sri Satchanalai Historical Park dates back to the 12th century AD. Formerly known as Muang Chaliang, this parks name appeared in Sukothai inscriptions and is thought to have been a twin capital along with Sukothai. Now a part of UNESCO world heritage site of Sukhotha province, this historical park is spread over about 800 acres of land. The park has attention-grabbing old ruins that offer an insight into early Thai history and architecture. After the fall of Ayudhya in 1767, the abandoned old town presently consists of 140 ancient monuments that include some very fine stupas, viharns and chedis. Moats and ramparts alternate and end with a laterite town wall, which was once fortified by bastions and gateways. The walls encircled a part of the Khao Phra Si mountain range and enabled the inhabitants to see the enemies from miles away. Most interesting attraction for the tourists are the remains of about 1000 kilns, which were used for making Sawnkhalok wares from the 14th to the 18th centuries. To protect the cultural heritage, which is as important for the world as for the people of Thailand the park now has a center for the study and preservation of Sawankhalok wares and a museum with local artifacts found at Si Satchanalai and other sites in Thailand.


Category: Sukhothai
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