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Huascaran National Park to celebrate 35th anniversary

Photo: ANDINA/archive

Lima, Jun. 30 (ANDINA). The imposing snow-covered mountain of 6,768 meters above sea level will celebrate tomorrow its 35th anniversary at the Callejon de Huaylas in Huaraz region.

This is a beautiful place where flora and fauna flourish, in addition to the numerous Pre-Columbian historical remains of the Chavin culture.

Regarding the flora, the park has a great vegetation diversity, with over 779 species of high Andean plants, including 340 genera and 104 families.

As far as the fauna concerns, scientists have found the existence of 112 species of birds from 33 families, including the Andean condor, torrent duck, puma tinamou, and others.

Amongst mammals, more than ten species have been observed, several of them endangered, such as the wild cat, the Andean cat, the spectacled bear, Peruvian guemal and the vicuña.

In 1985 the park was declared a World Heritage Site by Unesco. Tourism is promoted in the area, making its protected status a source of wealth for its inhabitants and others.

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Category: Huascaran Park
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