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Indonesia Pulls Out Of Wonders Of Nature Selection Process

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JAKARTA, Aug 15 (Bernama) — Indonesia today withdrew its nomination of the Komodo National Park for selection as one of the new seven wonders of nature.

Culture and Tourism Minister Jero Wacik announced that the decision was made because the organisers, New Seven Wonders Foundation, were found to be unprofessional in the selection process.

He said it had to do with the polemics over the offer for Indonesia to host the event to declare the new seven wonders of nature and the threat by the organisers to drop Indonesia’s nomination if it failed to pay US$10 million as the “licence fee to be the host” as well as to have in hand US$35 million for the cost of organising the event.

Wacik said Indonesia’s nomination and the offer of the foundation to make Indonesia the host were two different matters which should not be linked.

The minister said the withdrawal of the nomination did not undermine the status of the Komodo National Park, founded to protect the Komodo dragon, as a world heritage as recognised by Unesco in 1991.


Category: News@Komodo