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World Heritage Site #608 : Ujung Kulon National Park

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This national park, located in the extreme south-western tip of Java on the Sunda shelf, includes the Ujung Kulon peninsula and several offshore islands and encompasses the natural reserve of Krakatoa. In addition to its natural beauty and geological interest – particularly for the study of inland volcanoes – it contains the largest remaining area of lowland rainforests in the Java plain. Several species of endangered plants and animals can be found there, the Javan rhinoceros being the most seriously under threat.

State Property: Indonesia
Location: Provinces of Banten (formerly West Java) and Lampung
GPS: S6 45 0, E105 19 60
Date of Inscription: 1991
Criteria: (vii)(x)
Property : 76,200 ha

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Ujung Kulon National Park was inscribed under these natural criteria.

(vii) to contain superlative natural phenomena or areas of exceptional natural beauty and aesthetic importance.

Geological processes, biological evolution ad man’s interaction with his natural environment. Krakatau Nature Reserve provides one of the world’s best-known examples of recent island vulcanism. Its previous activities and most dramatic eruption in 1883 profoundly affected ecological processes in the adjacent Ujung Kulon Peninsula. The Krakatau islands themselves provide an unique opportunity to study colonisation and succesion on a tropical island.

(x) To contain the most important and significant natural habitats for in-situ conservation of biological diversity, including those containing threatened species of outstanding universal value from the point of view of science or conservation.

The peninsula of Ujung Kulon contains the most extensive remaining stand of lowland rain forest on Java. Several threatened plant and animal species are present, notably the Javan rhinocercs for which Ujung Kulon is thought to be the last viable natural population.

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