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Japan Launches Century-Old Buddhist Temple In 3D Style

AHN News Staff

Kyodo, Japan (AHN) – In an attempt to provide a 21st century appreciation of its artifacts, Japan has debuted a set of five iPads in a 1,000-year-old Buddhist temple in Byodoin that will display its historic sculptures in 3D. The project has been launched at a UNESCO World Heritage Site, which is considered one of the oldest temples in Japan.

The artworks are part of 52 wooden sculptures’ collection, titled, Bosatsu on Clouds, which is believed to have been created in 1053.

The Japanese government has already declared the works as their National Treasures. A laser scanner is also installed from different directions on five ancient artworks to allow visitors to see the craftsman’s intricacy from all angles.

A Byodoin priest, Monsho Kamii, said, “I wanted people to be able to feel the aesthetic values that date back a thousand years by using computer graphics to recreate how these sculptures originally looked.”

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Category: Japan
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