Kinabalu Park :: Dining


There are cafeterias and restaurants both at the Park entrance gate and at Laban Rata. The food prices at Laban Rata are relatively higher compared to prices at nearby towns. This is because raw materials need to be carried up to Laban Rata by porters. For example, a buffet dinner of 6 different dishes costs RM33; a can of beer is a whopping RM20; tea is RM6. The quality of the food is good, however.

However, if you don’t feel the need to stuff your face, you can bargain with the staff and get one plate of rice/curry chicken for RM 15.

To save money, you can stock up on bread, baked goods, chocolate and other lightweight but energy-giving foods in KK before you depart. It is good to bring your own supply of instant noodles and tea sachets as well as snacks, though be warned that in the cafeteria they will charge you RM1 for hot water! Some huts have electric kettles where you can boil your own water for free.
However, from 1st Jan 2008, all climbers are charged for mount resort food. They will provide you with four meals. This is inclusive in the hotel’s rates. First day lunch is provided for takeaway (to be eaten on the way to Laban Rata) during breakfast. Normally they will provide 3 set of sandwiches, fruit, eggs and 1 piece of chicken.

For climbers from Timpohon or Mesilau Gate, they must reached at Laban Rata before 7.30pm for buffet dinner or else they need to pay by themselves. While for buffet breakfast, the end time is 10.30am before you start your journey back to Timpohon or Mesilau Gate.


Water, that is. During the hike to the top it’s important to stay well hydrated. Fortunately, at each pondok (rest pavilion) on the trail, there’s large tank of free drinking water constantly being fed by pipes leading down from clean water sources high up on the mountain. The tanks are marked “Untreated Water”, but the water is safe to drink. Thus, it’s unnecessary to bring lots of heavy bottles of water along; one container will suffice.

Source: Wikitravel