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Lake Tegano elects new reps

LAKE Tegano World Heritage Site Association (LTWHSA) last week elected its new members who came from the villages along the lake.

The election was facilitated by Live and Learn Officer Watson Puiahi and assisted by local coordinators in the area Thompson Teika and Greg Taieha.

The election took place on Thursday for Hutuna and Tegano villages and on Friday for Niupani and Tevaitahe villages.

A good turn out from registered members made the election possible and had come up with a few new members.

The majority of the committee consists of mostly members o the old one.

The big setback for the old committee was the ousting of the former chairman Alfred Tigoika who lost the Hutuna representative seat to a new candidate Martin Tauniu

In Hutuna village, three were elected as follows: Martin Tauniu received 41 votes and become that community’s representative in the association.

Two alternatives are Willie Tangata who received 14 votes and former chairman Alfred Tigoika received 5 votes and became the second alternative representative.

In Tegano village, the community representative is Donny Saosongo who received 26 votes and the first alternative rep is Jefrey Saopogo who polled 15 votes and second alternative rep is Jefrey Hatiuhi who polled 10 votes.

In Niupani, Rex Pugeika retained his seat in the association when he polled 39 votes, the first alternative rep for that village is Michael Mana who received 13 votes and second alternative is Felix Tahua who polled eight votes.

In Tevaitahe village former community representative John Teika maintains his seat by securing 35 votes and the first alternative rep is Timothy Kauhuei who polled six votes.

In the women’s representative in the community, Hutuna village elected Melta Puia, Tegano village elected Ellen Niutai, Niupani elected Audrey Tahua who stood unopposed and Tevaitahe elected Constance Misia.

The ward representatives in the association are: Ward one – Melta Puia and the alternative representative is Ellen Niutai. Ward two reps are Audrey Tahua and the alternative is Constance Misia..

The election for youth representatives are as follows:

Hutuna village is Warren Teho who stood unopposed,

Tegano village Jonathan Mana who polled 40 votes

Niupani village Jethro Tangosia who stood unopposed

And Tevaitahe village is Gabriel Tekiupua who also stood unopposed.

Their ward representative is as follows:

Ward one John Mana and the alternative is Warren Teho

Ward two the rep in the association is Gabriel Tekiupua while the alternative rep is Jethro Tangosia.

The newly elected representatives will soon meet to elect their executive to run the affairs of the association for the next 12 months.

Category: East Rennell, Solomon
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