Melaka Sightseeing Tip :: Malacca Duck Tours

This tourist product was introduced in the end of 2009 and it’s dubbed as Malaysia’s first land-and-sea escapade. This tour ‘duck-bus’, an amphibious transport truck developed by the United Stated during WWII is another adventurous way to explore Melaka.

– The journey takes about 45 – 60 minutes, with a half of time on land and sea. Ticket booth is at the Tamang Sari revolving tower premises, advanced booking is accepted and advisable during the holidays.

– Daily operating hours is from 9am – 5 pm, except in the bad weather days.

– The tour starts from and also ends at the Taming Sari revolving tower. The DUCK tour covers A’Famosa Fort, Melaka Island and Meleka River estuary, and a professional tour guide is on board to introduce Malacca’s attraction along the route.

– Ticketing information as at Dec 2010.

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