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Monuments to Clan Life Are Losing Their Appeal

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YONGDING, China — The gargantuan buildings are so iconic that they appear on a Chinese stamp. The most famous have distinctive round shapes, appearing from a distance like flying saucers that have plopped down in the middle of farm fields. Some were reportedly mistaken for missile silos by American officials poring over satellite images.

A tulou courtyard in Yongding. Many are leaving tulou, which were originally built for protection, in favor of modern housing.

According to Unesco, there are 30,000 tulou in Fujian Province, more than 20,000 of those in Yongding County.

But the thousands of “earthen buildings” here, built by the ethnic Hakka and Minnan people of rural Fujian Province, are the ultimate architectural expression of clan existence in China.

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Category: News@Tulou