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Most Beautiful Church in the World!

Melk Abbey in Austria

Wow! Talk about bling, I’ve never seen so much gold leaf in one place. In the last five years of our family world tour and location independent living, we have seen tons of beautiful churches, but this one really stood out. No wonder it is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Austria's Melk Abbey ceiling fresco

world's most beautiful church in Europe

Beautiful interior of Stift Melk ( Melk Abbey) in Austria

We pick the ornate church at the Stift Melk ( Melk Abbey) in Austria’s enchanting wine country along the Danube as the prettiest church in the world. Sadly, the photos just can not do it justice, as it is yet another one of those places that must be experienced in person. One learns so much about history through churches and religious buildings. They are meant to humble you and they do!

Stift Melk ( Melk Abbey) in Austria detail of statue

Baroque architecture Melk Abbey beautiful details and frescos

Some call this abbey the world’s finest example of Baroque architecture and it is the most visited site in Austria. Many see it by cruise and bus tour with large crowds of people, but we were very fortunate to see it ( including the extraordinary library, marble hall and church) totally alone to really relish the experience.( See our earlier tips on avoiding crowds in high season). After seeing as much as we have, we do not impress that easily, but this church took our breath away!

Stift Melk ( Melk Abbey) in Austria famous library

Stift Melk ( Melk Abbey) in Austria fresco

Baroque architecture detail

Beautiful stair details

Golden angels

There is a lot of gold ( from the new world) in Granada’s Cathedral; Istanbul’s Ayasofya (Saint Sophia) is amazing; The Basilica of St. Mark in Venice has stunning mosaics; Seville’s Cathedral where Columbus is buried is gigantic; Notre Dame is famous, fun and quintessential Gothic; the Prague Cathedrals are filled with music; Portugal’s Alcobaca Cathedral is serene; pilgrims go to the famous Santiago de Compostela ; a Michelangelo is in Brugge, at the Church of Our Lady; St. Stephen’s Cathedral in Vienna is a Gothic masterpiece; Barcelona’s famous Sagrada Familia by Gaudi is unique as is the Mezquita in Cordoba. I’ve been to Charters, Winchester Cathedral, St. Patrick’s, the Vatican’s St. Peter’s Basilica and Mont Saint- Michel which are all classic. I’ve seen a gorgeous simple rock church in Finland, 5000 year old cave churches filled with Byzantine art in Cappadocia and beautiful orthodox churches all over Russia including St Basil’s Cathedral in Moscow’s Red Square which is awesome.

Thus we were quite surprised that this church was the prettiest in our eyes, although it is hard to say as all are special in their own way. It was all so golden! The money behind church’s always amazes me. I’m not even including the stunning mosques that we have seen like the Blue Mosque or other religious buildings in this list. What are your favorite churches and what do you think is the most beautiful?

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