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Get in

Wutai Shan Train Station is about 50 km away. Travelling from here to Taihuai Village by bus will need an hour or so.
Taking a bus from Taiyuan to Taihuai Village will cost around 70 Yuan and takes 5 hours.

There are other direct bus services to Taihuai Village from other cities.

Compulsory entry ticket to Taihuai Village cost 168 Yuan and 50 Yuan for unlimited bus shuttle services within the village.

By plane
Taiyuan is the nearest airport, which operates flights to/from Guangzhou, Beijing and Shanghai.

By train
Some trains go to the nearby town of Wutai Shan however the train stations that service this route are small and obtaining tickets may be difficult especially if the traveller does not have a working grasp of conversational Chinese. Major train stations in the vicinity are Taiyuan and Datong; buses and taxis run from either city. Access to Wutai Shan is easiest from Xinzhou, the closest city of intermediate size.

Get around

Bus services from Taihuai Village to the Mountain Peaks starts at 0630hrs and tickets cost around 70 Yuan for each individual destination. Do visit all 5 peaks.(350 Yuan)

At least 1 day is needed for viewing the peaks and another 1.5 day needed for visiting temples within Taihuai Village.
Last bus leaves from Taihuai Village for Taiyuan at 1530hrs.


Excellent examples of Tang and Song Dynasty temples.

  • Tayuan Temple – most prominent temple in Taiyuan
  • Xiantong Temple – has over 400 rooms
  • Cifu Temple – secluded and very spiritual
  • Nanshan Temple – picturesque
  • Shuxiang Temple – 36 meter high Buddha

Free Shanxi opera shows at Wanfo Temple during summer months. Ask around for times.


A pilgrimage to the five peaks

  • Wanghai Peak (Peak Overlooking the Sea) to the east
  • Guayue Peak (Hanging Moon Peak) to the west
  • Jinxiu Peak (Splendor Peak) to the south, with Nantai Temple at its summit
  • Yedou Peak (Peak of Flourishing Leaves) to the north
  • Cuiyan Peak (Peak of Green Rocks) to the middle

– Jixiang Si located on the way down from West Peak


Food cost at Taihuai Village is higher as compared to normal living standards in China. Normal food like Soya drink can cost 5 Yuan, Plain Fried Rice with egg and noodles cost 15 Yuan each.

2 simple dishes serve with rice cost 30 Yuan can be found at Chaoyang Lodge.(Cheapest)


Lodging is available at Taihuai Village located at valley of Wutai Shan. Hotels can be rather costly around 300 Yuan upwards.
You will need to spent 3 nights at Taihuai Village.


There are temples offering guestrooms at 20 Yuan per person upwards.( Tayuan Si, Xiantong Si, Kuangren Si)

Most traveller’s lodges range from 50 Yuan to 100 Yuan for a room for 2 persons.

Travel Alert

Beware of monks residing at shops offering to tell your fortune. Beware of monks residing at a small temple below Zhenhai Si.