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Getting There & Away

A hire car with driver from Hoi An to My Son costs around US$15 to US$20. Going under your own steam gives you the option of arriving before or after the tour groups, and My Son is quite atmospheric when you’re one of only a few people there.

Numerous hotels in Hoi An can book a day trip to My Son that includes a stop-off at Tra Kieu. At US$2 to US$3 per person (#Pricing is not updated), you could hardly do it cheaper unless you walked. The minibuses depart from Hoi An at 8am and return at lpm. Some agencies offer the option of returning to Hoi An by boat, which adds an extra couple of hours to the trip.

It’s possible to get to the sites by rented motorbike. Make sure you park in the official parking area. Otherwise, get somebody else to drive you on their motorbike and then ask them to wait for you.

Sleeping & Eating

Hotel Garden, standard/double (200,000/300,000d) If you’re serious about beating the crowds and don’t quite believe that 5.30am exists except at the end of a hard night, it’s possible to stay right at My Son’s gates. This complex offers a number of bungalows scattered around an attractive garden. There’s also a large restaurant and a café on site.

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