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National Museums ordered out of Vic Falls rainforest

By Tichaona Sibanda, 12 November 2010

The inclusive government on Thursday ordered the National Museums and Monuments of Zimbabwe to vacate the Victoria Falls Rainforest and allow its management to revert to the National Parks and Wildlife Management Authority.

The state media reported on Friday that following consultations that involved Vice-President John Nkomo it was decided that National Museums should vacate the rainforest and stop collecting cash from tourists.

The National Museums took control of the world famous rainforest last week Friday, reportedly to stop the National Parks and Wildlife management Authority from what was alleged to be destruction of the world heritage site.

Museums officials enlisted the help of armed police to elbow out long-time managers, National Parks, to allegedly stop corruption. The saga centred on allegations that National Parks clandestinely allowed Shearwater Adventures to construct a new development within the core zone of the Victoria Falls rain forest.

Environmentalists had suggested this week that the Victoria Falls was under threat due to the new development in the highly ecologically sensitive core zone. They said the development violated national, regional and international regulations under which a World Heritage Site is governed. But Paul Connolly, a legal advisor to Shearwater, told us it was incorrect to suggest the company broke any laws.

He said Shearwater simply improved and developed infrastructure within the physical parameters of the buildings that have been in existence in the rainforest for a long time.

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