Penang Heritage Tip :: Fort Cornwallis

A historical site where Captain Francis Light, the founder of Penang, first landed in 1786. Originally the fort was made of timber but was later replaced with the present brick structure by convict labourers around the year 1808.

The main attraction is a cannon, known as ‘Seri Rambai’ which faces the North Channel. It is believed that barren women can become fertile by offering special prayers with flowers and joss-sticks to the cannon.

The most famous cannon at Forn Cornwallis is the Seri Rambai. This particular cannon has a fascinating history. It was first presented by the Dutch to the Sultan of Johor in 1606. In 1613, the Portuguese took possession of Seri Rambai. Then it was taken to Java, where it stayed until 1795, when it was given to Acheh, and was brought to Kuala Selangor. Later, in 1871, the British seized the cannon and brought it over to Penang. It was installed on Forn Cornwallis, where it is still located, on the northwest bastion.

Underneath the cannon in an old gunpowder magazine is a small, interesting museum chronicling the history of the fort and Penang.

Today, one can see a playground just beside the fort with many food stalls catering for the evening crowd.

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