Penang Heritage Tip :: Hong Kong Shoe Store

Address: 177, Muntri Street, 10200 Penang.

This small shoe store impressed me when I first arrived at Penang in 90s for it “Hong Kong” name. Later, I found out from the media that Jimmy Choo, the renowned Malaysian shoe designer based in London was an apprentice in this shop before he moved to London.

The close link with Jimmy Choo is still no good enough for this small shop to be listed here. The shoe shop is famous for its hand-made Nyonya beaded slipper, dancing shoe and tailored made shoes.

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Jimmy Choo's photo is proudly hung in the shop.

Hong Kong shoe store owner, Mr. Wong.

Location Map

GPS Coordinates: 5°25’13.14″N 100°20’1.86″E Geotag Icon Show on map