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People of Camaguey Celebrate 496th Anniversary of their Home Town

Camagüey, 2 feb. – The people of Camaguey woke up with the Mambi reveille and the tolls of the bells announcing that this Tuesday marks the 496th anniversary of the former village of Santa Maria del Puerto del Principe.

So significant date in the history of this city also marks the first anniversary of the proclamation, by the UNESCO, of its oldest urban center as a World Heritage Site.

And for perpetuating today’s events, a commemorative postage stamp and envelope recalling the foundation of the city were franked in the former Arms Square – nowdays Ignacio Agramonte Park. Present in the ceremony were Isabel Liriano Leyva, president of Camaguey Philatelic Club.

“This stamp belongs – said Liriano Leyva – to the so-called collection of Heritage Cities, of the year 2010.

“The envelope, with legal value in Cuba for 24 hours, will be kept at the National Museum and it will gain special meaning for the stamp collectors and dealers”, Elizabeth added.

In the wide-raging cultural program that during this week will be honoring the 496th birthday of the city, a solemn session of the Municipal Assembly of the People’s Power here is one of the main activities. (Miozotis Fabelo Pinares / Radio Cadena Agramonte).


Category: Camaguey
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