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Peru’s Chan Chan ruins at risk

Chan Chan Archaeological Site (Photo :J. Stander)

Sunday marked 25-years since the ruins of Chan Chan were declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site, yet the site is still fighting for preservation.

According to Cristobal Campana, head of the Chan Chan Archaeological Project, the site is still at risk, in part due to 300 families who have seized land near the site.

Campana has asked for increased protection at the site, and for the families to be evicted.

In response, Teresa Bravo, the Director of Culture, said they had started talks with the families in order to plan an eviction.

She added that guards had been hired to secure the site.

Campana also highlighted the conservation work being done in the area.

“Over the last five years, we have recovered four out of ten walls of the perimeter,” he said, according to Peru21.

Chan Chan is the largest Pre-Columbian city in South America and is located in the Peruvian region of La Libertad, five km west of Trujillo.

The site was built by the Chimu peoples around AD 850.

The ruins receive around 130 visitors a day, most of them foreigners, according to Bravo. Article link.

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