Photo story: Chinese rural dwellings

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A photographer captures the traditional “apartments” of China’s Hakka minority.

By News Desk — GlobalPost Editors

SHANGHAI, China — Imagine if Smurfs built forts in rural China. That’s what comes to mind when you first see the Hakka Tulou homes in Fujian province.

In 2008, UNESCO granted these “apartments” World Heritage Status. UNESCO cited the communal buildings as exceptional examples of tradition and function.

Photographer Ryan Pyle traveled to Yongding county to document these unique rural Chinese dwellings, some of which house up to 80 families and have gun holes for defense against bandits.

Here’s what he found.

About the photographer:

Born in Toronto, Ryan Pyle spent his early years close to home. After obtaining a degree in International Politics from the University of Toronto, Ryan realized a lifelong dream and traveled to China. In 2002 Ryan moved to China permanently and began taking freelance assignments in 2003. In 2004, Ryan became a regular contributor to The New York Times covering China, where he documented issues such as rural health care, illegal land seizures, bird flu and environmental degradation. More recently he has branched out to mostly magazine work, expanding his portfolio to include the Sunday Times Magazine, Der Spiegel, Fortune, TIME, Outside, Forbes and Newsweek. Ryan Pyle is based full time in Shanghai, China.

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