Prambanan Travel Tip :: Shopping & Dining

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Hawkers hassle tourists near the entry gate but will generally take the hint after a terima kasih (thank you) or two.
There is a large market just outside the gate selling lots of touristy souvenirs.

There are many good value Indonesian warungs in and around Prambanan. A good tip is to follow the local Indonesian tourists – they always know which has the best food.

Taman Prambanan Restoran is close to the entrance gate and serves typical Javanese dishes at very competitive prices.
Restoran Prambanan, just east from the museum. Offers rice with various side dishes from Rp 10,000.

Drink hawkers are omnipresent. The museum also has a drinks stand and there are benches scattered throughout the park for a quick break. After a walk around Prambanan in the heat, a glass of fresh local juice or a pitcher of iced Javanese tea goes down very well.