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The nearest major cities are Yogyakarta, 17 kilometres to the south west and Solo about 40 kilometres to the north east. The main road connecting these two large cities passes right by Prambanan and this makes transport links very straightforward. The nearest actual town to Prambanan is Klaten, about 3 km to the north.

The Prambanan temples are usually visited as a day trip from Yogyakarta (17km away), but they can also be visited from Solo (50km away). The main temple complex lies on the Yogyakarta–Solo highway, opposite Prambanan village. From the main entrance on the southeastern side, it is a short walk to Candi Shiva Mahadeva, the largest of the temples, locally called Candi Loro Jonggrang (Slender Virgin Temple). Behind it, on the western side near the highway, is the outdoor theatre where the Ramayana ballet is performed.

To the north of the Shiva Mahadeva temple, which is flanked by the smaller Brahma and Vishnu temples, is the archaeological museum. Further north are smaller, partly renovated temples leading to Candi Sewu. A ‘minitrain’ (5000Rp) from the museum loops to Candi Sewu. All of these temples form the main Prambanan complex.

On the left after passing through the main gate there is a small information desk with info on the site and Ramayana performances. As at Borobudur, the admission price includes camera fees and admission to the museum. Hiring a guide can be a good investment at 40,000Rp for a one-hour tour for one to 20 people. There is also an audiovisual show every 30 minutes (2000Rp).

Most of the outlying temples are within a 5km radius of Prambanan village. You’ll need at least half a day to see them on foot, or they can be explored by bicycle or motorcycle if you ride to Prambanan. A standard entry fee of 5000Rp applies in most of the outlying temples.

As with any of Java’s major tourist attractions, the best time to visit Prambanan is early morning or late in the day when it’s quiet, though you can never expect to get Prambanan to yourself. Very few people visit the other sites away from the main grouping of temples, and the walk to the outlying temples can be as much a pleasure as the temples themselves.

By plane

Yogyakarta airport is well served by domestic flights from Jakarta, Bali, other major domestic destinations and internationally from Singapore and Kuala Lumpur. It is just ten kilometres from here to Prambanan. A taxi direct from the airport should cost about Rp 40,000 and take about 20 minutes.
Solo airport is much smaller but has several flights each day from Jakarta and is also connected internationally from Singapore and Kuala Lumpur. Prambanan is about 90 minutes by bus from Solo airport.

By bus

TransJogja, Yogyakarta’s newest bus service, also serves a direct route to Prambanan. The bus is air-conditioned and comfortable, but sometimes can be overcrowded. Take number 1A from Malioboro street (Rp 3 000 one way). The first one leaves around 6AM, then every 20 minutes. Depending on traffic, the journey can take one hour. From the terminal station it is just 5 minute walk.
There are regular buses from Yogyakarta’s Umbulharjo bus station (30 minutes), as well as a wide variety of tour agency-operated minibuses shuttling directly from Yogyakarta’s backpacker haunts. Local buses to/from Solo are also easy to find (90 minutes).

By taxi

A taxi from the center of Yogyakarta costs around Rp. 60,000. The driver may be prepared to wait free of charge for an hour or so and then take you back for the same price, giving a total cost of Rp. 120,000.

Get around

Prambanan can be fairly easily covered on foot. If the midday heat is too much, a toy train shuttles around the park for Rp 5,000 a throw.