Spanish tourist sites added to UNESCO ‘danger list’

Andalucia, Lead, Sevilla

• CONTROVERSIAL: The Pelli Tower could ruin Sevilla’s historic landscape

By James Bryce

THREE key tourist attractions in Andalucia are set to be placed on a UNESCO ‘danger list’ alongside a host of sites in war-torn countries.

The Cathedral, Alcazar and Archivo de las Indias in Sevilla are to be blacklisted because of the negative impact on the landscape of the nearby Pelli Tower.

The status of the threatened World Heritage Sites will be considered at a conference to be held in Russia from June 24 to July 6.

The Spanish authorities have ignored repeated warnings by UNESCO to reduce the planned height of the 178-metre skyscraper in order to make it compliant with their strict guidelines.

The €300 million construction is set to become the new headquarters of Cajasol bank, but has been widely criticised for its negative impact on the city’s historic landscape.

Only one other European site, in Kosovo, is currently on the World Heritage in Danger list, which is dominated by landmarks in volatile countries including Afghanistan, Iraq and Yemen.