Teh Tarik in Siem Reap

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Where’s the best place in Siem Reap to enjoy a glass of Malaysian-style teh tarik? The D’Halal Cafe of course!

It’s located in Explorers House guesthouse at Street Mondol I in Sangkat Svaydangkum and Malaysians working in Cambodia swear it’s the closest thing to home.

If you happen to be in that part of the world and are hankering for some mee goreng, nasi lemak, assam pedas or roti canai, then this is the place to go.

D’Halal also serves Singaporean and Indonesian fare that are popular with Malaysians, Singaporeans and Indonesians working in the city.

Some loyal customers even call the cafe in advance to place take-away requests for lunch. For others, it is comfort food and a reminder of home. This I glean from chatting with some of the diners at the 60-seater cafe run by Malaysian businesswoman Madina Yahya and her husband.

Bubbly Madina tells me that D’Halal also caters for big groups and that the food is 100 per cent halal. She gets all the ingredients from the local Muslim community where meat is slaughtered the Islamic way.

(From left) Viet-style rice rolls and pancakes; mee goreng served with sunny-side up egg.

Being of Cambodian parentage, Madina converses fluently in the local language.

This is an advantage when it comes to negotiating deals with the locals.

“We realised that there was a demand for halal food in Siem Reap as there were Muslim travellers who wanted to eat in a nice, comfortable place. Most halal restaurants here are simple establishments. Travellers also want to eat chicken and meat, instead of being restricted to the usual ‘safe’ choices of seafood and vegetables.

Madina, is also director and operator of the Explorer House Guesthouse.

D’Halal Cafe
Explorers House Guesthouse,
715-717,St 14, Mondol I, Khum Svay Dangkum, Srok/Province Siem Reap, Cambodia
Tel: (+855) 63 965 984
Email: book@theexplorershouse.com
Website: www.theexplorershouse.com

By Suzanna Pillay, http://www.nst.com.my/nst/articles/Eat_TehtarikinSiemReap/Article/art_print