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The beauty of Budapest!

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Sep 11, 2010 / 5:00 am

Budapest is one of the most beautiful cities in central Europe. (Photo: Contributed)

Straddling the romantic Danube River, with the Buda Hills to the west and the start of the Great Plain to the east, Budapest is one of the most beautiful cities in central Europe. And the human legacy is just as remarkable as Mother Nature’s. Architecturally, Budapest is a gem, with enough buildings to satisfy anyone’s appetite. With parks brimming with attractions, museums filled with treasures, pleasure boats sailing up and down the scenic Danube and Turkish-era thermal baths belching steam, the Hungarian capital is a delight both by day and by night. The food and wine are excellent, cheap and in abundance and the nightlife is hot. Indeed, in recent years, Budapest has taken on the role of the region’s party town, especially in the warmer months when outdoor entertainment areas called kertek (literally ‘gardens’) heave with party makers. Stroll along the Duna korzó, the riverside embankment on the Pest side, or across any of the Danube bridges to experience the romantic side of this fascinating city.

Taxis in Budapest are not expensive compared to other European countries, but with such an excellent public transport network available, you don’t really have to use them very often. An extensive system of almost 200 buses serves greater Budapest. On certain bus lines the same number bus may have a black or a red number. In such cases, the red-numbered one is an express, which makes limited stops and is, of course, faster. Trams are often faster than buses in Budapest and usually more pleasant for sightseeing. Of course you can always rent a car and go at it with a ‘road trip’ sense of style. Budapest can also be reached directly by air flights from various destinations around the world, and flying between Budapest and dozens of European cities with a cost level that fits most travellers’ budget. Fares vary greatly depending on the destination, availability and the time of the flight.

Once you decide how to get about, there is much more to do than simply sight-see. Though the sight-seeing is truly amazing why not try out Chefparade Cooking School with it’s contemporary cosmopolitan cooking studio where you can master the basics of Hungarian cooking hand’s on. Be a guest in the authentic Faust Wine Cellar in the Castle District at the Dominican Cloister – part of the UNESCO World Heritage. Take a visit to St. Stephen’s Basilica. Built between 1851 and 1905, this large parish church accommodates 8,500 people and features a magnificent 300-foot, neo-Renaissance dome. There’s also the very affordable Szechenyi Baths part of a tradition of baths that started during Turkish occupation of the area 600 years ago. The Hungarian State Opera House is a magnificent new-Renaissance style structure, completed in 1884 and modeled after the Vienna Opera House, home to both the State Opera and the State Ballet. The Great Central Synagogue is the world’s second-largest synagogue, featuring a room that holds three thousand people, and is a center for the large Jewish community of Budapest. Don’t forget to pay your respects at the Holocaust Memorial Centre & History Museum. And for a wonderful shopping experience visit the Central Market Hall where you’ll find fruit, vegetables, specialties and souvenirs of all kinds in this, one of the largest market halls in Europe. Renovated in the mid 1990’s, you’ll find this gorgeous building of architectural interest as well. Experience the Chain Bridge completed in 1849, this bridge was the first to be built across the Hungarian section of the Danube and is now considered to be one of the city’s major landmarks.


Category: Budapest, Hungary
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