The Vanishing Beauty of Mount Kinabalu

Mount Kinabalu National Park

The recent school holidays presented to me a beautiful journey of sight seeing to Mount Kinabalu which is now known as a World Heritage Sight. Despite all its beauty and greenery it is very clear and evident that the natural habitat of the mountain is being destroyed for the purpose of economical gain.

Vegetable farms can be seen sprouting like mushrooms after a rain. There seem to be no control by the present ruling government of Sabah to preserve this beautiful heritage. Rubbish can be seen strewn all over the place along side the roads which are used for travelling by our most inconsiderate human population in Malaysia.

Apart from that luxurious and non-luxurious residential bungalows and houses can be seen getting closer by the day to almost every part of the mountain. Seriously it was an eye soaring sight to behold imagine seeing rusted zinc roof tops as well as brick ones all over i never expected this. It was obviously destroying the natural beautiful scenery.

The tourist resorts they basically fleece their customers local as well as foreigners. The always ask for your credit card no upon making a reservation so that they can charge which is unethical from my point of view. Not only that they seem to always misplace their resits and try to double charge.It was a very irritating experience.

I basically saw them double charge foreigners without batting an eye lid. We are actually tarnishing the left over good imagine of our country in the name of tourism. How will people visit our country?