Top free attractions in Edinburgh

Edinburgh is a great location for hotels in the United Kingdom. Often said to be one of the most picturesque cities in Europe, it is home to a wealth of medieval and Georgian architecture. Alongside its historical treasures, the city is a vibrant cultural centre frequently playing host to arts and book festivals. And despite its high status, there are still many things that can be enjoyed for free by those staying in cheap hotels here.

Unesco World Heritage Status was granted to the Old Town and New Town districts in 1995 and there are close to 5,000 listed buildings in the city. Walking through these areas is a good place to start soaking up Edinburgh’s culture and the architecture it is so famous for.

From here those staying in hotels in Edinburgh can head to Arthur’s seat in Holyrood Park – Edinburgh’s highest point. Offering stunning panoramic views of the city at no cost, it is a great way to see the sights and take some scenic shots.

Meanwhile, the National Museum is a great place to start exploring Scottish culture. Displaying artefacts from far back into the country’s history, the museum showcases an eclectic mix of items, from fossils to articles of popular culture. And it also has an excellent restaurant and cafe, so visitors can enjoy a high-quality lunch after perusing its corridors.

Hidden between the Royal Mile and the Mound, the Writers’ Museum holds exciting treasures. Exhibiting intriguing artefacts from writers’ lives, such as manuscripts and first editions, the museum is dedicated to Scottish wordsmiths, particularly Robert Burns and Sir Walter Scott.

Adjacent to the Writers’ Museum is Makar’s Court. Makar means poet in Scottish – and the area consists of inscribed flagstones celebrating Scottish authors from 14th century onwards.

To learn more about the people of Edinburgh, holidaymakers can head to the People’s Story. Housed in a building which was previously a prison, court and tax collectors’, this museum illustrates the influencing factors on lives in the city.

Further insights can be gained in the Museum of Childhood just off the Royal Mile, which houses items typical and rare from people’s youth – and wakes up memories from younger days. It is also an exciting attraction for children, who will be able to learn about toys from previous decades.

If it’s art that piques your interest, there are several galleries in Edinburgh you can peruse free of charge. The National Gallery houses many important works, such as pieces by da Vinci, while the Gallery of Modern Art frequently changes its exhibitions and houses exciting works created using modern techniques and ideas.

Frequenting some of the charming cafes in the area is great way to observe the city – and while you will have to pay for drinks and snacks, you will find many venues very reasonably priced. Edinburgh has some excellent quirky eateries, such as Chocolate Soup – a cafe dedicated to the sweet treat offering both savoury and sweet dishes for your delectation.

With such a wide selection of treasures to be seen free of charge, Edinburgh is the perfect city to explore on a budget. Its stunning architecture provides countless photo opportunities, while fascinating museums and galleries hold artefacts so diverse that there is something to interest everybody.

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