Travel 101: Macau

How to spend S$101 (you big spender, you) in a day

by Serene Lim

MACAU isn’t just Asia’s Vegas. Look past the glitzy casinos and hotels and you’ll find the former Portuguese colony is still a quaint trove of cobble-stoned walkways and historical buildings including China’s oldest lighthouse – so much so that the entire city centre has been named a UNESCO World Heritage site.

If tempting fortune or a wealth of heritage isn’t your thing, you can always nosh richly in the city from delish flaky egg tarts to Michelin-starred restaurants. SERENE LIM

A shopping jaunt at Senado Square: S$30

The heart of the city could well be a Mediterranean piazza with Portuguese-styled buildings flanking the sides. A daily flea market held at the square is where you can start your shopping spree.

Lunch at Cafe Litoral: S$11.59

While big sister Restaurant Litoral is a long-established Macau institution, the newer Cafe Litoral ( also serves up traditional Macau cuisine, albeit with a cosier ambience. You won’t go wrong with the reasonably priced daily set lunch at MOP 58 (S$9.21). Leave room for their homemade cakes which cost MOP 15.

Gondola ride at Venetian Macau: S$17.15

Considering the heart-stopping prices of a real gondola ride in Venice, the rate at the Venetian is almost chum change at only MOP 108 for adults. After all, isn’t the Venetian Macau an exact replica of the Italian city? Plus the gondolier even serenades you during your boat ride.

Wine dinner at MacauSoul: S$42.26

End the night at this gem of a bar ( located near the ruins of St Paul’s. Furnished with elegant Chinese furniture and boasting an extensive selection of Portuguese wines and bar bites like crispy Portuguese chourico, the place buzzes to the music from the live jazz band. Half bottles are available from as low as MOP 50, so we suggest spending all your remaining dough here.

Total: $101

Prices and conversion rates accurate as of press time

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