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Two ‘dirty’ hotels in Malacca

KUCHING: Two Malaysian hotels, both in Malacca, made it to the “Top 10” list recently — but for the wrong reasons. They were adjudged among the “10 dirtiest hotels in Asia”, by online travel adviser, TripAdvisor.

The survey results which were published at

It ranked the two hotels in Malacca at number four and number nine respectively.

According to the survey, the dirtiest hotel was Phi Phi Don Chukit Resort of Thailand where 96 per cent of their guests had posted their reviews as “do not recommend” the hotel to anyone.

The other hotels were Raj Residency (Chennai, India), Goldkist Beach Resort (Singapore), Centaur Hotel (IGI Airport in New Delhi), Tatami Hampton Hotel (Hong Kong), Pearl of the Pacific Boracay Resort & Spa (the Philippines), First Hotel (Bangkok) and Royal Peacock Hotel (Singapore).

One of the hotels in Malacca had 77 per cent of its guests posting reviews that they would not recommend it to anyone.

The hotel is ranked at number 74 on TripAdvisor’s Popularity Index’s of 99 hotels in Malacca.

A Singaporean family that stayed at the hotel on Dec 22 last year claimed that they “saw a lizard and the room was infested with mosquitoes”.

The water in the toilet, they said, was “yellow as if people had urinated in it”.

The other Malacca hotel had 61 per cent of its guests saying they would not recommend it to other guests.

It was at number 77 on TripAdvisor’s Popularity Index of the 99 hotels in Malacca.

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