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Unesco: Nessebur’s status is safe

The removal of Nessebur’s old town from Unesco’s list of World Heritage sites is not on the agenda, but the town may be considered for the list of endangered sites, Unesco expert Anna Sidorenko, programme specialist for Europe and North America section, said while on a visit to Bulgaria’s Black Sea town.

“The problem will be discussed after the evaluation report is complete and after Bulgaria dispatches the documentation with the measures which will be implemented in the future for the preservation of he old town and its cultural value,” Sidorenko said, quoted by the private television channel bTV on December 2 2010.

The potential removal of Nessebur from the World Heritage list was never discussed, Deputy Minister of Culture Dr Todor Chobanov told bTV.

What is most important here, according to Chobanov, is that after the evaluation from the experts, the conclusion will certainly be that there “is no irreversible damage done”.

What is also vital is that the residents of Nessebur’s old town are convinced that the corrective measures which need to be implemented by the Government as well as the local municipality are right and just, the Unesco expert said.

Concurrently, Nessebur Mayor Nikolai Dimitrov has said that for the first time, there is “actual dialogue between the institution concerned and the local residents”.

“We will take definitive measures to ensure that the town abides by Unesco’s criteria. We will make space for those who want to trade. Other measures will be taken as well,” Dimitrov added.

One of the measures to be introduced includes the establishment of a “small, local souvenir industry”.

Nessebur exploded in the headlines across Bulgaria and the world when local residents entered a full scale battle with riot police in November after the Government decided to raze some of their illegally build properties and stores in the Old Town.

The protests around the barricades lasted for several days as the Government pushed on with Operation Bulldozer, under which illegal buildings and stores were razed.

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