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World Heritage Site #640 :: Wulingyuan Scenic and Historic Interest Area

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Wulingyuan world heritage site#640

State Property: China
Location: The Wulingyuan District of the City of Dayong, Hunan Province
GPS: N29 19′ 59.988″, E110 30′ 0″
Date of Inscription: 1992
Criteria: (vii)
Property : 26,400 ha

Lies in Wulingyuan District of the city of Dayong, Hunan Province, some 270km from the capital of Changsha. The total area is 26,40Oha, with a further 12,680ha buffer zone.

The most notable features dominating the entire site are some 3,100 quartzite sandstone pillars and peaks, many of which are over 200m high. Between the peaks are numerous ravines and gorges, many containing attractive streams, pools and waterfalls. The site also contains a number of karst features, notably some 40 caves.
Spectacular calcite deposits are a notable feature within these caves. Huanglong or Yellow Dragon Cave is said to be one of the ten largest caves in China; it is 11 km long, and includes a waterfall 50m high. There are two very high natural bridges in the area: Xianrenqias or ‘Bridge of the Immortals’ is 26m long, 1.5-1.8m wide, l-2m thick and 1OOm above the ground below.

Tianqiashengkong or the ‘Bridge Across the Sky’ is much larger, being 40m long, 1Om wide and 15m thick. It lies 357m above the valley floor and may be the highest natural bridge in the world. The vegetation comprises: below 700m, predominantly evergreen broad-leaved forest (below 700m); evergreen and deciduous broad-leaved trees
(700m-950m); deciduous broad-leaved trees, bushes and herbs (above 950m).

The flora is diverse with 3,000 higher plants; these are split fairly evenly between tropical/subtropical and temperate species. Many of the species are of value for timber, medicinal or ornamental purposes; a number are globally threatened with extinction, including nine rare and three vulnerable species.

116 species of vertebrates from 50 families have been listed. These include: 12 amphibians, 17 reptiles, 53 birds and 34 mammals. A number of these species are globally threatened with extinction, including Chinese giant salamander (I), dhole (V), Asiatic black bear (V), clouded leopard (V), and Chinese water deer (R).

This natural wonderland was listed under criterion (iii) which contain unique, rare or superlative natural phenomena, formations or features. The huge number of precipitous quartzite stone peaks is spectacular and possibly unique in the world. These, coupled with the other land forms (natural bridges, ravines, and caves), present an aesthetically beautiful landscape, enhanced by the mists and clouds which frequently shroud the site.

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