Wudang Mountains Travel Tips :: Sights To See

Golden Summit

The Golden Palace of on the top of Heavenly Pillar Peak is the essence and symbol of Wudang Mountain, the sign of Wudang Taoism coming to the highest peak under the support of the imperial families.

Nanyan Palace

The South Cliff, also called Purple Cloud Cliff, was given the name since it faces south. With magnificent mountains and dense forests, here are the most perfectly collaborated building group by both artificial and natural scenery among the 36 cliffs in Wudang Mountain.

Purple Cloud Palace

Purple Cloud Palace is an apotheosis of construction by employing the particular physiognomy that is cragged in length while wide and plain on breadth. All the buildings are arrayed along the axis.

Xiao Yao Gu

About 10 minutes down the road from Taizi Po, the Carefree Valley is an extremely scenic area with enough hiking to keep you busy for a full day.

Yuxu Palace

In Yongle period of Ming Dynasty, the emperor ordered the construction of Forbidden City in Beijing of north and the large scale of construction project in Mount Wudang of south.