Yunnan just got easier

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A series of new boutique lodges in China’s beautiful Yunnan Province are making the remote, mountainous region a more attractive — and comfortable — place to visit
By Sybil Kapoor/The Guardian, LONDON

There are few places in China as wild and beautiful as the Three Parallel Rivers national park. Deep in the Meili Xue Shan mountain range, in the remote northwestern corner of Yunnan, close to the border with northern Burma, it’s straight out of Lost Horizon by James Hilton. Soaring, glaciated peaks, Tibetan Buddhist monasteries floating in the clouds, lush terraced valleys and virgin Himalayan forest all collect in this area which, according to UNESCO, is “one of the richest temperate regions of the world in terms of biodiversity.” It’s a designated world heritage site and covers more than 960,000 hectares, with buffer zones almost the same size.

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