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Zimbabwe: Victoria Falls – the Jewel of Africa

A TRUE adrenaline seekers’ town – Victoria Falls was accorded a United Nations Education and Scientific Organisation world heritage site status and is one of the Seven Natural Wonders of the World.

Shared by Zambia and Zimbabwe, however, at the risk of being accused of being biased, I must state that by far the best view of the Falls in all seasons is from the Zimbabwean side just like when one is looking at his or her image in the mirror.

Tour operators around the world concur that a holiday to Southern Africa is incomplete without a visit to the Victoria Falls.

This is the place for adventures, weddings and honeymoons, conferences and groups alike. Besides the scenic view of the breathtaking rainforest, there are now over 50 desirable activities to choose from and the fact that there is the presence of the African Big five animals in the area.

These are the elephant, rhino, lion, buffalo and cheetah and exist in their natural environment much to the delight of those who enjoy being in harmony with nature.

Excitement galore awaits you in Victoria Falls because there is everything for everyone. Here we are talking about the light hearted and the adrenalin type.

They are all catered for in this Zimbabwean tourism hub.

Air activities include the 111 metre bungee jump from the historic Victoria Falls Bridge that now boats of 104 years since it was completed.

Still at the bridge, there is a swing and a slide to be sampled.

Then there is the view of the Victoria Falls rainforest from air with either short or extended flights by helicopter or para-sailing.

Then land activities include Botswana full day that will see tourists being taken to explore Chobe National Park by boat and vehicle, bush walks, the crocodile farm, elephant back trails and interaction and lion walks.

The resort town also offers game drives, golf, horse riding, Hwange National Park full day package, night drives, spa and wellness, shopping and hide sites.

On a game drive, there is a very high chance of seeing one or all of the Big five.

There are also the steam train trips to the Victoria Falls Bridge, traditional dancing, the Boma experience at the popular eating place featuring unique cultural experience combining superb dishes with a feast of nightly entertainment including drumming.

However, a visit to this majestic town is not also enough without a tour into the authentic African Village from the streets of the high density township of Chinotimba to Chidobe which is on the outskirts of the town.

Then there are the water activities on the mighty Zambezi River which is the fourth largest river in the continent.

These include boogie boarding popularly known as surfing on a raft or boogie board, white water rafting, jet boat, upper Zambezi canoeing, river cruises, dinner cruise and Zambezi river safari fishing.

The scenic activities include the Big Baobab tree that is now over 15 000 years old and is said to be turned upside down by an angry spirit.

African art and culture is among the most fascinating and expressive in the world. A vast collection can be viewed and purchased in the traditional village, curios and craft market.

There is no shortage of accommodation either in Vic Falls as it is popularly known with more than 30 lodges, bed and breakfast services, and camping sites and obvious for those who want high life, there are hotels from one star to five stars in every direction one looks.

Yes welcome to Victoria Falls, the only destination with the services of tourism police who continue to be an effective and reassuring presence, reinforcing the resort town’s reputation for safety.

This specially trained unit is there to protect the tourists and their positions from would be criminals but otherwise the destination is safe and sound.

A superb wildlife add-on to Victoria Falls is a two hour drive south to Zimbabwe’s largest national park, the Hwange national park.

It occupies about 14 650 km roughly the size of Belgium and is home to the largest African elephant heard on earth.

The elephant population has now gone just above 100 000. It is also a habitat of over 100 mammals species and some 400 bird species.

Yes, arrive and welcome to destination Victoria Falls – the destination which showed impressive resilience over the past 10 years as tourists arrivals to Zimbabwe fell sharply due to bad publicity that plagued the country.

The country is now back as one of the leading tour and adventure destinations in the world that travel agents in Germany and some in Europe will be marketing.

After years of shunning by travel agents from Europe and America, the country can now brace itself for an increase in tourist’s arrivals from these traditional markets soon.

Slowly but surely Vic Falls, is coming out of the doldrums and the numbers are beginning to show upwards mobility.

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